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Welcome to Imagesbybilltreadway. I hope the time you spend in my gallery will warm your heart and maybe even stir an emotion. My images come from around the world and places that have touched my soul. You will find a very simple message in these images that tell a story of my loves. The greatest love is for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of the images abroad and many local are from mission trips to Romania, Chile and the Appalachian Mountains. If this turns you away from my images then you just don't understand what you are going to miss. My family is my next passion, although it just edges out my love for being in some cold water mountain stream with a fly rod in hand, stalking a big rainbow or brown trout. Just kidding. My grandchildren come way before the fish. Once away from my real job I try to spend time with my camera in hand anywhere I can find and interesting or beautiful subject. As a student of New York Institute of Photography,Time Life,Nikon,Scott Kelby and Joe McNally, I am sharpening my skills and techniques to further my commitment to produce photographs worthy of hanging on your wall or on a magazine on your coffee table. Let me know what you think and if I might be of some service to any of your photographic needs, drop me an email at or leave a message on my gallery. Thanks for your time, comments, and any photographic assistance I may provide.

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